Over the last few years, it has become harder and harder to keep my Photoshop & Lightroom training free of charge. As more people enter the online video world, and as platforms like YouTube focus more on larger content creators with advertising money, the little people (me) start to feel the pain. Views aren’t what they used to be, and revenue, well, you can imagine which direction that’s going, as well. I have tried many different solutions to try to keep the bills paid. Premium content was ignored, paid courses were given the cold shoulder, and donations were slim.

Aren’t You a YouTube Partner?

I certainly am, and have been since 2008. The problem, as I mentioned above, is that as large companies buy up the top spots around YouTube, my content drops in rankings, receiving less views, and less revenue. It also doesn’t help that there are a ton more Photoshop educators uploading content every day.

To give you a bit of perspective, back in 2008/2009, my videos were receiving well over 80,000 views per day on average. Today, I’m lucky to hit 15,000. While I can’t discuss specifics about revenue, it’s going in the same direction.

Time is Money, Friend!

There’s a strange mentality that I can whip my tutorials up in 10 minutes. After all, each tutorial is usually around 5 minutes in length. What many don’t realize, is that each tutorial, even the 5 minute ones, take a full day to put together. This includes planning, experimentation, scripting, voice over, filming, editing, etc. While I can’t divulge how much I make on YouTube, the ad revenue these days isn’t making up for the time I spend producing these videos.

The Future of Content

I’ll be honest with you. At the current rate of ad revenue on YouTube, my content doesn’t have a future. With my new position at Fullscreen, my time is now limited, and without additional support, I don’t see myself putting in the extra time to create content that won’t pay off. Yes, that sounds selfish, but I’m sure most of you wouldn’t spend a full day working to create content without getting paid for it.

Enter Patreon

I’m not giving up yet! While I realize that ad revenue (for smaller content creators) will never be where it used to be, there are other ways to fund my content. Many creators are now turning to services that allow their viewers to contribute a small monthly payment to help boost revenue. One service in particular is Patreon. Viewers can set a monthly contribution to help out the content creators they love, and in return, the content creators can offer up rewards to their viewers.

Only have $1 per month to spare? That’s completely fine! Any contribution will help me keep my content consistent. For those who contribute a little more, you’ll be able to get early access to future tutorials, download HD versions, and more!

If you can’t contribute, don’t worry! Tutorials will still be available to watch, for free, on YouTube! If you have a bit of change to spare, I’d love your support! The cost of one latté per month can help keep my content coming!

Don’t Want to Contribute Monthly?

If you’re looking to help out, but not on a monthly basis, you can still donate via PayPal!