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This bulk tutorial pack is for 120 Photoshop tutorials which you may have seen through my YouTube channel at some point. Many of these tutorials are still available to watch on YouTube, but if you are looking for HD video, the ability to watch these videos offline, with no ads, this pack will provide you with all the videos listed below!

PhotoEditing 120 HD Photoshop & Lightroom Tutorials

 Photo Editing

 2013 Tutorials

Brighten Teeth
Turn a Photo into a Painting
Turn a Photo into a Sketch
Porcelain Doll Effect
Creating a Cinemagraph (3 part)
Adding Fireworks
Mystical Mountain Photo Composition
Turn Day into Night
Animated GIF on MARS
Interweaving Effect

 2012 Tutorials

Create a Winter Wonderland
1950’s Style Pin-Up Poster
Create a “Pumpkin Face”
32-Bit HDR Images
Color Splash Effect
Colorize a Black and White Photo
Carve a Heart into the Snow
Old, Cracked Photo Effect
Create Smoke on your Photos
Brown to Blue Eyes
Changing Skys with Blend If
Create a Video Timelapse
Clone Yourself

Designing 120 HD Photoshop & Lightroom Tutorials

 Designing in Photoshop

 2013 Tutorials

Bokeh Effect
iOS 7 Photos Icon
iOS Icon Design
Minecraft Skin
Old Paper Effect
Animated Loading Circle

 2012 Tutorials

Create Abstract Fireworks
Create an Animated Glowing Button
Create an Animated Power Button
Create the Minecraft Icon
Create a Space Scene (Plants, Stars, Glows)
Creating Puffy Clouds
Create a Carbon Fiber Icon
Create a Cloud Icon
Create a 3D Switch Icon
Create a Rough Ticket Icon
Create a Realistic Wax Seal
Create a Wood Texture
Create a Web Search Bar

TextEffects 120 HD Photoshop & Lightroom Tutorials

 Text Effects in Photoshop

 2013 Tutorials

Chocolate Text Effect
Wood Engraved Text Effect
Frozen Text Effect
Fireworks Text Effect

 2012 Tutorials

Hairy/Furry Text Effect
TRON Legacy Text Effect
Harry Potter Text Effect
Beer Text Effect
Graffiti Text Effect
Battlefield 3 Text Effect
Iron Man Text Effect
Modern Warfare 3 Text Effect
Gold ‘Bling’ Text Effect
Candy Cane Text Effect
Snow Covered Text Effect
Neon Text Effect

CS6 120 HD Photoshop & Lightroom Tutorials

 New in Photoshop

 Photoshop CC

Camera Raw Filter
Camera Shake Reduction

 2012 Tutorials

The Blur Gallery
Conditional Actions
Copy CSS
Interface and Performance Improvements
Content-Aware Move
Content-Aware Patch
Adaptive Wide Angle
Crop Changes
Oil Paint Filter
Perspective Cropping
Photographic Toning
Color Range Changes
Tool Recording within Actions
Video Editing in Photoshop CS6
New and Improved 3D Functions
Camera Raw 7

3D 120 HD Photoshop & Lightroom Tutorials

 3D in Photoshop

 2013 Tutorials

Long Shadow Effect
Chrome Text
Bubbly Text

 2012 Tutorials

Images Based Lights
Importing 3D Models
3D Pool Ball Composite

Basics 120 HD Photoshop & Lightroom Tutorials

 Basics & Tips

 2013 Tutorials

Magic Wand vs Quick Selection
Refine Edge
Removing Backgrounds
The Swatches Panel
Using Smart Objects
Mask, Don’t Erase
Vibrance Vs Saturation
Hiding Menu Items
Missing Filters
Transforming Selections
Bird’s Eye View
Color Coding Layers
Cropping Tips
Editing Multiple Type Layers
History States
Layer Styles on Groups
Load Files into Stack

 2012 Tutorials

Non-Destructive Burning/Dodging
Creating Custom Brushes
Creating Custom Shapes
Working with Kuler
Tileable Textures
Clipping Masks vs Layer Masks
Clone Source Panel
Change your Work Area Background
The Ruler Tool in Photoshop CS5
Non-Destructive Cropping in Photoshop CS5

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 Delivery & File Formats

Upon checkout, you will be able to download a single zip file containing the 120 tutorials, or individual videos. As the videos are HD, the download can take a while to download, depending on your Internet connection’s speed. The individual file is 2GB, and each individual video can range from 20MB to 200MB.

Once downloaded, you’ll find a main Photoshop Tutorials folder, which houses several sorted folders. Within these folders, you’ll find the videos, in mp4 format, which you should be able to play from any [modern] operating system. If you have trouble playing the videos, I suggest downloading VLC.


This pack of tutorials is being offered for a minimum payment of $10. However, if you feel it’s worth more than that, you are more than welcome to contribute a higher amount.

Payments are processed through PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal account to purchase. When checking out, you can choose to use a credit card, without needing a PayPal account.

 Final Notice

Once again, most of these tutorials are available to watch on YouTube. This purchase is for the right to watch my copyrighted tutorials offline, in full HD, and ad free. There will be no refunds to those who didn’t read this disclaimer!

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