Carve a PUMPKIN in Photoshop!

Skill level

In this video, you’ll learn how to carve a pumpkin in Photoshop, just in time for Halloween! This tutorial utilizes the Pen Tool, Layer Styles, Filters, and more!

Pumpkin image provided by

  • Grant Siders

    Nice job! Your great at what you do. How’d you come about to know all you do?

    • I’ve been using Photoshop for over 11 years. Things like this come from a LOT of trial and error, and experimentation.

  • Doug

    I liked this one great stuff. I was thinking of taking a face and turning it into a pumpkin carving. Maybe next year.

  • john

    thanks again Howard. Great website, and great tutorial. Hope it’s all working out for you on the business end of things! Cheers!