ENHANCE Animated Gif in Photoshop

Skill level

In today’s tutorial, we’re going to uncover what that mystery object is on Mars, by creating an animated gif in Photoshop, like you see in shows such as CSI and Law and Order. This tutorial takes advantage of Photoshop CS6’s new video editing capabilities.

Photo from NASA.

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  • RavinXFighter

    @IceflowStudios Yes! 🙂

  • RavinXFighter

    @IceflowStudios i always wanted to know how to do gifs thanks!

  • AlexanderTrifan

    @IceflowStudios instead of transform in the timeline i have position option, is there a way to make it show transform?

    • IceflowStudios

      @AlexanderTrifan  It needs to be converted into a Smart Object.

    • uhanepono1

      make it a smart object and then it will say transform.

      • uhanepono1

        oops- I see this advise is already posted. I like this tut a lot. It brings together a lot of different tools into one project.

  • uhanepono1

    I think the object on mars is felled space junk.