Transform Selections in Photoshop!

Skill level

Up until a few days ago, I didn’t know Photoshop had the ability to transform selections! I’m sure many of you know about this feature, but for the small portion of you who don’t, let me share my new found knowledge in this video!

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  • Oleg Mazur

    I’m much more inadvanced with PS and I even knew that

  • Mary Tere Mora

    You’re kidding, right? Yo didn’t know you could transform selections? :O

  • Marisol Sanchez Marti


  • Hjalmar Bruggeman

    Hehe doesnt matter Howard 😛 You know loads of other things.

  • Ed Manning

    Thanks for this, Howard. I knew about the tool, but I wasn’t really sure how to use it, thanks

  • Tolis Mfkr

    It’s really a shame…=D

  • Rahul Salvatore Bhadani

    u ur kid in photoshop then 😛

  • Rahul Salvatore Bhadani

    @Mary : Give something for CS6 .. be trendy !!!

  • Cheryl Jansen

    Its always great to see what each menu item does. And I didn’t know about this, but I only use PS4

  • Randy Fox

    Thanks (yet AGAIN) Howard for showing us this.

  • René Sig Kristensen

    I have just watched a video of yours about eyes. When I make my selection of the eye with the pen tool, I can´t select both eyes in one selection like your tutorial..
    Why is that?

  • Bonnie Rovere

    Be happy! I didn’t know it!

  • Marius Penteliuc

    Welcome to the group “People Aware of Selection Transformation” 😀

  • jimswowfactor

    Good tip, Howard, and if you right-click, you can do most of the stuff, including move the pivot piont, distort that help you fine tune a shape.  I use it for something like a set of window panes (or railings, stairs) in where each area is similar, but not exact.  Do the first 4 panes with shift-select, save as alpha channel (or mask), and now use Transform-Selection, slide it to the next window, distort-rotate, save selection adding it to the existing alpha channel, and repeat as needed.  The end result is a complex selection that very closely matches your subject in  less time than drawing each shape.

  • Oscar Rodriguez

    WOW, Thanks Howard!

  • Samuel Taddese

    but now we know, thans dude, you´re great

  • Rantasalo Eemeli

    I knew that and it’s a very good feature! 🙂

  • Jerry Rojas

    Ok, I confess, Your not alone in not knowing 😀 Thanks for the info

  • Hazardos Hadix


  • Sandy Gray

    thanks ….. very helpful 🙂

  • Niko Muotio

    I just wonder how you have gotten anything done without knowing that! That’s one of the most common tools I use!

  • Khoi Nguyen

    I knew this already, but hey even the best of us learn something new every day!

  • Mike Bowdler Pip

    every day is a school day

  • Narcis George Mares

    thanks for ur work mate!

  • Great tip! I Had no idea that was even there.By the way you can also do all of this by going into quick mask mode. In quick mask mode using ctr+t will let you transform the selection the same was, while also showing the masked area.

  • Patricia Hall

    Great Find! I didn’t know of it either. It probably would have taken me years to wonder about it’s function. Great!

  • Glenn

    Thank you, I didn’t know this eiher.  I love finding little surprises in Photoshop and Lightroom, it’s like a mini Christmas every time!  I found one in Lightroom yesterday.  If you have multiple iterations of a photo e.g. 1 of 4, if you hold down the cmd/cntrl key and click the number it will stack the photos behind the selected photo.  🙂  LOL  I spent a half an hour going around a applying this to all my photos.  Love your site, keep up the great work.

  • Brad Harris

    I remember when I discovered that. It was a GREAT DAY!!!!!

  • Mexi Love


  • 林自强

    u must be pulling my leg…

  • Pam

    I sure didn’t know about this.  So, thank you very much!!!

  • Carol Pearl

    Yes, it’s true. I flipped when I discovered this!

  • NolramArfazOrensomil

    Yep…I use that technique a lot in making logos. =)

  • Rodwan Kamil

    thank you very much
    you are great

  • Suraj CK

    Oh c’mon! Its easy to miss out on certains functions, when there are so many of em.. but yeah, there are a few of us who knew it all the way 🙂

  • Inderjeet Singh Manchinda

    u guys are amazing, always inspiring

  • Simon Tablazon

    Not that useful in my opinion.

  • Harold C. Hayes III

    Thanks! I’m still not that fast with the pen and being able to warp a selection looks promising. Dude, stop being so hard on yourself! Anyone who makes a living at this then shares that knowledge has my unending respect and gratitude. I’m sure there is an ancient Chinese parable regarding losing one’s humility. Your tutorials are invaluable!

  • Mark Swiffen

    Oops, didn’t know that either. Thanks man!

    • hild

      Fake man Swiffen

  • Carsten

    Haha, exactly like you said! Knew this for years 🙂 Another nice feature for making good selections is to hold SHIFT + ALT to exclude the part of the selection, you are not selecting. For example: The eye is not perfectly round, because the eyelid always covers a small part. What you do is make a round selection, like you did in the video, then hold SHIFT + ALT and drag the marquee tool over the area you want to KEEP! Try it, its very useful!!

    Greets, Carsten

  • ricky

    awesome i didn’t know thanks man

  • Aar

    I am learning photoshop and I am very impressed with your work and efforts to make us learn some important things and as you said its true there are many peoples who still dnt know this