Free iPhone 5c PSD

Posted by | September 14, 2013 | Freebies
Free iPhone 5c PSD

After releasing the iPhone 5s PSD, many of you wanted one for the iPhone 5c, as well. Today’s PSD comes with the green iPhone 5c, with an Adjustment Layer to help you change the color of the device.

This iPhone 5c PSD is free to download and use as you wish. You can use it in your app demos, on your website, or anywhere else you may need an iPhone design.


All PSDs offered through are free to use both personally and commercially, unless otherwise stated. While no credit is required, a “Like” or “Tweet” would be appreciated. If you use our PSDs for commercial purposes, and become filthy rich, hit that donate button! (None of our PSDs can be sold without written permission). iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

Changing the color

Within the PSD, you’ll find an Adjustment Layer, called “Phone’s Color“, which is hidden by default. Unhiding this adjustment, then shifting theĀ Hue/Saturation, will change the color of the iPhone 5c’s device, as seen in the image below.

iPhone5c color Free iPhone 5c PSD

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