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2013 YouTube Channel Layout PSD

Back in 2013, YouTube announced a their new channel layouts, which as expected, left people angry. I can’t remember an update that didn’t leave people angry, but that’s just the nature of the online community. To prepare for the update, YouTube has written an article outlining the dimensions of the ‘safe areas’, and I have gone ahead and prepared a free PSD for you all!

The 2013 Layout

For those who haven’t seen the new layout yet, the image below is a screengrab of iJustine’s new layout. This layout is only available to a small group of YouTubers. We currently don’t know when it will be rolled out to the masses.

iJustine YouTube Layout

In her walkthrough, she shows off the many customization options that are available with the new layout, including social media links within the banner, and many options for organizing your videos. However, many users are upset that YouTube is no longer allowing custom backgrounds.

Personally, I don’t mind this change. I found the background distracting, and in some cases, hideous. The new layout is simple, and gives users more ways to display their content, which should be your main objective, anyways.

Designing For 2013

The nice thing about the new design, is that it scales to fit whatever device you’re viewing it on, whether it’s a desktop, tablet, or TV. In YouTube’s article, they demonstrate how your designs will look on each device.

YouTube Layout

I have gone ahead and created a PSD file for those who want to start designing their new banners early. The PSD highlights each section and which device they will be visible on. Your goal is to make use of the full width, but keep your main logo/content inside of the ‘safe area’. On a television, the whole 2120 x 1192 area will be visible!

YouTube Layout

As an example, here is the banner that I’ve been working on.

YouTube Layout

If you’d like to download this PSD file to kickstart your designing, click the download button below! As of this point, we don’t know when YouTube will roll out the design to everyone. Patience, my friends.

Download this PSD!  More freebies!

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    ..anyway idea looks pretty cool 🙂

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    Very cool! I’m surprised it doesn’t automatically use your banner image on your Google+ profile however.

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    Is there a way to opt into the new YouTube beta layout?

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    Daniel Freedom Portis Not yet. YouTube is currently only selecting a few people to test it out.

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    Is the size value of 1535 x 350 for “Desktop Max” and “Tablet” supposed to be the same? Not looked at the .psd yet.
    This may be a stupid question but what happens to video in a different aspect ratio? Black bars?

  • IceflowStudios

    David Freeman-Valle Good catch. I’ve fixed it. Videos won’t be affected. This is only for the banner on channel pages.

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    I downloaded your psd opened the zip file and extracted the YouTubeLayout.psd. When I try to open it it opens Photoshop (I’m using CS6 for Windows) but its blank. Is it only a MAC template?

    • IceflowStudios

      That’s strange. It should work on Windows and Mac. First time I’ve heard this issue. I’ll try to look into it.

  • Thanks Howard for the guidance! I personally think that the new banner area is great – fiddling with the YouTube background was a good challenge but I’m over it. With YouTube’s influx of advertising, it’s great to have this uninterrupted, uncrowded space.

  • Larry

    It’s not working on CS1 for windows either. The following error comes up: “Could not complete your request because the layer is not a valid text layer”

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    I think it is great that there are free template for the youtube channel on line. Thanks for making it available! I just wanted to give a heads up that it looks like the dimensions have changed to (2560 x 1440).
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    Hi, I just wanted to double check that this is still current before I begin designing my new banner. I’m using about a 22″ monitor and the width doesn’t seem to appear as large as indicated in the Photoshop file. Is this the most recent template?

    • Yep, this is the most recent, based on YouTube’s specifications.

  • Dean Webster

    am just wondering and am using cs5, how do you get rid of the white writing saying tv etc, or does it go away by its self ?

    • They are text layers, which you can hide in the Layers panel. Simply click the “eye” icon to the left of the layers.

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