Vegas Pro 11: Project Media Window

In this third episode of the Vegas Pro 11 Getting Started series, We’ll take a deeper look at the Project Media Window. This is where you’ll collect and arrange all the media to be used in your project. More features will be shown in the next episode so be sure to stay tuned!

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  • Stephen Heim

    Wow. Thanks Howard.

  • Nigel ‘Splinta’ Collins

    I just brought that too, talk about spooky lol

  • Andrew Hampshire

    Awesome, thank you so much! I just picked up my new PC and was planning on getting into this. I’ll have to agree with Nigel, spooky mind reader 🙂

  • Chitii Ran

    thanks .. wasnt sure where to star t

  • Brent Skeppers

    To bad Vegas is not considered ‘pro’s and the old, outdated FCP7 is.

  • Brent Skeppers

    Weird how that works.