Pattern Creation in Illustrator CS6

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If you’re an Illustrator user, you may know the hassle of creating not only patterns, but tileable patterns to use on your websites or designs. Illustrator CS6 changes all that!

Starting off with a simple design, heading up to Object > Pattern > Make will start the pattern creation process.

StartingPattern Pattern Creation in Illustrator CS6

You’ll notice that you already have a nice, tiling pattern, but the Pattern Options panel will allow you to customize your pattern even further!

PatternOptions Pattern Creation in Illustrator CS6

This panel allows you to change the Tile Type, size of the pattern, spacing, and how you view the pattern on your screen. You can even duplicate and manipulate your current design, and your pattern will automatically update to reflect the changes!

PatternCustomized Pattern Creation in Illustrator CS6

Once you are happy with the pattern, pressing Done at the top will save the pattern to your Swatches panel, where you can then apply it to your designs. You can even add an additional Fill in the Appearance panel to stack your pattens on top of another design.

SwatchesAppearance Pattern Creation in Illustrator CS6

With the right customization, you can achieve some really nice looking patterns!

FinalPattern Pattern Creation in Illustrator CS6


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