Fuzzy/Hairy Text Effect in Photoshop

Skill level

It’s time for a very hairy Photoshop tutorial! Let me show you a fairly simple way of creating hairy or furry text using text, a texture, and the magic of custom brushes! This method can be used to accomplish a wide variety of effects.

Leopard texture was provided by Shutterstock.com.

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  • Finja

    ein super Fuzzy/Hairy Text Tutorial, habe es gerade versucht!!!! Vielen Dank fürs teilen 🙂

  • Wow really great one!

  • I was searching for the video version. Thanks for this one.

  • Jake Greemore

    Great Tutorial

  • Nice tutorial thanks for share

  • Thanks for the great post about Photoshop text. I like this post.

  • If you use Photoshop to remove the background of some fuzzy hairs, you have to use skilled experts to do it. Because they know how to retain the single line of hair from the image. Their experience will not loss or damage a single hair. Thanks for your great tutorial. Hope some more.

  • Great Post…

    Pretty informative….Nicely Laid out.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Alice Babashak

    I am working on the latest update of photoshop and when I go to the brush step to click on DP brushes, there are no presets to click on. Does anyone know where to find DP crackle or a similar brush?