Free Stonehenge Images for All


During my stay in London, we had the privilege of visiting Stonehenge, one of the most amazing assortment of rocks you’ve ever seen. And what’s a trip to Stonehenge without some pictures!

Free Stonehenge Images

Here are only a few of the images I took at Stonehenge, which I’m offering for all of you to use, both personally and commercially. While I don’t require credit or payment to use these images, it’s always welcome.

SH 01 Free Stonehenge Images for All

SH 02 Free Stonehenge Images for All

SH 03 Free Stonehenge Images for All

SH 04 Free Stonehenge Images for All

SH 05 Free Stonehenge Images for All

  • _Billy_Brown

    Those are great!
    I expect that the ones you’re not sharing are epic, knowing you. Did you like Paris as much as London? They’re both great places (when you speak both languages it helps).

    • IceflowStudios

       @_Billy_Brown I didn’t like Paris that much. I found it quite dirty. London was beautiful though.

  • Alan Scerbakov

    Can i use these on flicker if i credit you in description? ^^

  • Alan Scerbakov

    I won’t. ;)

  • IceflowStudios

    They’re free for you to use. Just don’t credit them as your own. ;)

  • Caroline Bishop

    I grew up in Salisbury so am very familiar with the stones. Great pics. :)

  • Terri Stone

    Thanks, Howard!

  • Brian Marks

    thanks a lot!

  • Laura

    Thank you! 

  • Shoaib Bhimani


  • iZeeno

    Nice pictures Howard, can you make a stone tutorial if its possible….

  • uhane

    thanks you! I will use them in my next animation!

  • sarrahwhite70

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  • helderr

    Great attitude to share with us.
    I’m from Brazil and I really appreciate your work.