Free Stonehenge Images for All


During my stay in London, we had the privilege of visiting Stonehenge, one of the most amazing assortment of rocks you’ve ever seen. And what’s a trip to Stonehenge without some pictures!

Free Stonehenge Images

Here are only a few of the images I took at Stonehenge, which I’m offering for all of you to use, both personally and commercially. While I don’t require credit or payment to use these images, it’s always welcome.

  • _Billy_Brown

    Those are great!
    I expect that the ones you’re not sharing are epic, knowing you. Did you like Paris as much as London? They’re both great places (when you speak both languages it helps).

    • IceflowStudios

       @_Billy_Brown I didn’t like Paris that much. I found it quite dirty. London was beautiful though.

  • Alan Scerbakov

    Can i use these on flicker if i credit you in description? ^^

  • IceflowStudios

    They’re free for you to use. Just don’t credit them as your own. 😉

  • Alan Scerbakov

    I won’t. 😉

  • Caroline Bishop

    I grew up in Salisbury so am very familiar with the stones. Great pics. :)

  • Terri Stone

    Thanks, Howard!

  • Brian Marks

    thanks a lot!

  • Laura

    Thank you! 

  • Shoaib Bhimani


  • iZeeno

    Nice pictures Howard, can you make a stone tutorial if its possible….

  • uhane

    thanks you! I will use them in my next animation!

  • sarrahwhite70

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  • helderr

    Great attitude to share with us.
    I’m from Brazil and I really appreciate your work.