Photoshop: Old Photo Repair

This video will show you a few ways you can repair old photos in Photoshop!

Old Photo Repair in Photoshop

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  • Ronda

    Very nice! I haven’t done bad, but you have helped a lot! Thanks once again.

  • joe

    Nicely done. I just finished my first retouch thx to this video. Thx!!!!

  • Jaryre

    Yes, this one really works! Just doing a little touch up on my old photos. I’m still amateur though. Thanks!

  • Great tut. Love the technique and it had a wonderful end result!

  • Thank you. Going to keep this in mind!

  • Thank you very much! This was always something I thought would be awesome to do to see old photos of my family as they once were!

  • vegshrimp


  • thanks!

  • Lymus_Ill

    Thanks, you realy helped me out!