Photoshop: Neon Text

Yes, there are dozens of “Neon Text” tutorials out there, but you guys wanted yet another! Here’s my method.

Neon Text in Photoshop


[raw] [/raw]

To keep all of your sanity in tact, I’ve tried to keep this method as simple as possible. After all, you don’t need a complicated process to achieve nice results. We’re primarily going to be working with Layer Styles. Before we begin, some ground rules:

The font I used: Neon 80s – Size 250 pt
If you decide to change the font size, or use a different font, you WILL need to make adjustments to the Layer Styles!

In terms of the background I used, like many of my designs, I don’t go crazy with the background. I chose to use a simple Radial Gradient:

When you’re ready, go ahead and select your font, and type out your word of choice!

Time for Layer Styles! Again, if your font/size is different than mine, you will most likely need to tweak the Styles.

Gradient Overlay

Bevel and Emboss

Bevel and Emboss: Contour

Bevel and Emboss: Texture – This will add a slight ‘glass’ type texture to the text.

Inner Shadow

Outer Glow

Drop Shadow

At this point, you should have something like this:

  • AJ_21

    Wow, very nice tutorial. I feel the is the best way to end this year, with a bright light text!

    Thank you so much for all for advices and tutorials. I´ve learned everything there is about photoshop thanks to Iceflow Studios.

    ¡Bendiciones y que pase feliz año, saludes de Honduras! (God bless and enjoy new years, greetings from Honduras!)

    • IceflowStudios

      @AJ_21 You’re welcome! Happy new year!

  • NovaUCA

    awesome! but cant follow perfectly, could anyone send me the finished PSD to to let me check where is the problem? Big Thanks!

  • Rob Walker

    Rad. 😀

  • freedommcflyy

    I tried this and failed lol… I will be trying again! If its not asking too much do you think you can record the actions and attach them as a download?

  • I really love this tutorial. Especially because the result looks so realitic, but the first picture u posted of it here: still looks much more crisp to me.

    Could you please tell me/us the final steps you made to make it look like that?

    Would be awesome. 🙂

    • IceflowStudios

      @Azuber I believe I used a more defined gradient for the background in the other image. The Linear Dodge Outer Glow relies heavily on the background.

      • @IceflowStu[email protected]

        Tank you, I will try it out right now.

        • @IceflowStudios Still not working out. Seems you made some nice reflection of the test underneath and the edges inside the text from the texture are much more precise and crisp. I just dont know how to get those nice results.

          Any ideas for the final touch?

  • Best tutorials on web!

  • ant0niv

    Thank you for the tutorials, it really helps me a lot. Expecting more!

  • Greens Mily

    I am just searching the tutcast. But, Its amazing to see the new site, it is very good, great and nice to learn… It helps more than before. Thank you

  • juli

    Where can I find the Herringbone 2 texture for photoshop cs6?