Photoshop: Color Correction

The second adjustment you might want to consider, is Color Balance. This will really give you complete control over your image. With a Color Balance adjustment, you are able to control the Shadows, Midtones and Highlights of many more colors than you can with Levels. For instance, if your image is lacking Greens, you can easily drag the slider towards Green. This will subtract some Magenta from the photo, and add in some Green.

Once you have completed going through and adjusting your colors, you may also want to try out Curves. What this will allow you to do, is fine tune your image’s tones. This will really help if you’re looking to add some depth, or brighten up some of the darker areas. Usually I would suggest a Shadow/Highlight adjustment, but at the moment, there is no Adjustment Layer for that. We’re sticking to non-destructive editing. 🙂

And for the final result:

Obviously there are MANY different adjustments which you can use to edit your images. Figure out which adjustments work best for you, and experiment. You’re bound to find something you like. Enjoy! 🙂